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Hello, I’m Sam! And I’m here to help you build an epic relationship with your dog that elicits beautiful behaviour. And the best bit of all? It’s all based on fun!  

I offer whole of life dog training and walking services in-person in Newmarket and virtually to dog guardians all over the world.  

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1-2-1 Dog Training

1-2-1 Dog

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Reactive Dog Training

Reactive Dog

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Achieve lasting results for you and your dog 

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Stress Free Walks

Does the thought of dog training feel like a bit of a chore? 

The idea of having to set aside chunks of time everyday to focus on training your dog is something that can feel heavy to many owners.  

But in reality, once you understand how your dog learns, you’ll weave your training into everyday life. A quick stint while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, a helpful technique that transforms your daily dog walk, a simple reward when your dog naturally does something you like.  

You see, your dog is learning all day, everyday – whether you like it or not!

And once you learn how to reinforce good behaviour and use games to your advantage, you’ll see training isn’t a chore at all! It’s a life changing skill that you’ll be over the moon you learned. 

Get excited about training your dog again!

Areas Covered: Newmarket, Cheveley, Ashley, Wooditton, Dullingham, Kirtling, and surrounding areas. 

Or train with me online wherever you are in the world. 

Training walking & Puppy socialisation in Newmarket & surrounding areas

As a qualified dog trainer, I love nothing more than going above and beyond to support guardians and their dogs. I offer solo training walks and puppy socialisation to help you progress your training and take trusted care of your companion when you can’t be around.

1-2-1 Puppy & Dog Training

Whether you need guidance on getting your puppy training off on the right paw, or need some help overcoming training struggles with your older dog - I’m ready and waiting to mentor you through. I’m as kind and compassionate with humans as dogs, so you’re in very good hands!

Reactive Dog Training

At the end of your tether with your reactive dog and searching for a lifeline? My reactive dog training services are tried and tested - developed over years of experience with my very own fearful hound.  

Let me guide you away from chaos towards calm.  

Fun Dog Training

If you’re struggling with challenging behaviour, there is nothing better for the soul than spending some time doing something fun together. From trick training to scentwork, agility to Hoopers, these activities will deliver the joy back into your lives… whilst instilling cracking life skills without even trying!

Online Dog Training

I believe good dog training should be accessible to everyone. And that’s why all my online dog training courses are priced affordably, without skimping on quality.  

Get the help you need to transform your pup’s behaviour, without the money worries.  


A low cost, monthly online membership. Built around community and having fun with our dogs!

An affordable and convenient monthly online membership program designed to foster a supportive and inclusive community of dog lovers, centered around the shared joy of spending quality time with our beloved canine companions. Through a variety of engaging and educational activities, this membership aims to significantly improve the overall well-being and happiness of both our furry friends and ourselves. By providing a supportive and enriching environment, we hope to further deepen the bond between dogs and their humans, ultimately enhancing the lives of all involved

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