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Trick Training

Master impressive tricks, boost your bond & get set to shine 

Is there anything cuter than a dog tilting their head to the side?  

Well, yes. And also, you can teach your dog to do that trick, alongside hundreds of other heartwarming acts!  

From teaching your dog to balance a cookie on their nose to more advanced tricks like fetching your favourite drink from the fridge or doing the moonwalk! There are more practical tricks too - fancy teaching your dog to take off your socks or to fetch their lead?  

You’ll be amazed at how many tricks you can teach your dog in just 6 weeks. Our trick dogs class is guaranteed to deliver you a novice trick training title (and a bursting sense of pride). 

 Trick training for dogs is a world of fun

Trick training isn’t just fun, it’s fabulous mental stimulation for your dog and a great team sport that’ll supercharge your relationship and leave you both feeling proud!

Mentally Stimulating

Confidence Boosting

Bond Strengthening

If you’re looking for ways to do more with your dog, then our 6 weeks trick training class is a world of fun and won’t disappoint. 

By the end of the course you’ll:

  • Master 15 fun tricks 
  • Learn the 5 fundamental skills to teaching any trick 
  • Gain your Do More With Your Dog Novice Title (plus rosette & certificate) 
  • Spend quality time working in partnership with your bestie 
  • Get your exclusive invite into Trick Club (more on that below) 

Just £20 per class

Where are our trick training classes held? 

Place Farm, Kirtling, Newmarket, Cambridgeshire. CB8 9PA  

Who is trick training for?

Trick training is for everyone! Whether you have a nervous or reactive dog or an energetic pup with no off switch - every dog (and their human) can enjoy trick training.  

In fact, it’s a really brilliant outlet for dogs who struggle in other areas and gives you both a welcome opportunity to let go of the serious stuff and focus on fun.

There are over 200 tricks to choose from, ranging from novice to expert, so there are sure to be some snazzy tricks that you and your dog can ACE! 

Start here

Just £20 per class

Meet your trainer

I’m a certified Do More With Your Dog Trick Training instructor, which means I can guide you and your dog from novice trick training right through to expert acclaim! Upon completion of your 6 week trick dogs course, you’ll gain entry to Trick Club - where the world is your oyster!  

You can progress at hobby level or earn more titles and take part in competitions, all with the expert support and guidance of a pro trick trainer who is by your side, cheering you both on.  

What happens at Trick Club?

Unlike fight club, the first rule of trick club is we DO talk about trick club! In fact, we’re pretty fanatical about mastering new tricks, having fun with our dogs, and showing off our new party tricks!

Trick Club gives you monthly access to:

  • Weekly trick training classes 
  • WhatsApp support 
  • Private Trick Club Facebook Community 
  • Progress Awards 
  • Competitions 
  • Themed Events 
  • 30 minute zoom consult each month to troubleshoot & ask questions 

All for just £65 a month! What a steal!

Invites into Trick Club are issued upon completion of our Trick Dog novice course. This gives you and your dog the opportunity to try out trick training and accomplish the skills you need to progress onto teaching all the fancy tricks your heart desires.

And start your journey to stardom! 

Areas Covered: Newmarket, Cheveley, Ashley, Wooditton, Dullingham, Kirtling, and surrounding areas. 

Or train with me online wherever you are in the world. 

Meet your dog trainer (and optimism provider!)

I started training because of my own experiences with my reactive dog Matty. I stumbled through and struggled with lots of conflicting and well-meaning advice that was unfortunately totally wrong for Matty.

I was devastated and that started me on my journey to not only help him but also help others finding themselves in the same situation.

The two things I love about being a dog trainer are seeing a dog who has been experiencing fear, anxiety or a lack of confidence, gain confidence in something and literally beam with pride.

The other is when a dog does something that totally amazes their owner in a good way, the look of total pride and love makes everything worthwhile.

I’m kind, force-free and compassionate with both dogs and humans. And I’d love to help you escape the strain and enjoy the life you deserve. 

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