Does your dog’s reactivity rule your life?

Find your way to a calmer existence with reactive dog training that works

Are you struggling to cope with your reactive dog?

Have your walks become an absolute nightmare, with you dreading the very thought of leaving the house with your dog? Maybe your current life with your dog is making you miserable…..  

This certainly isn’t what you expected life to be like when you got a dog. All the joy has been sucked out of the experience and now it feels like much more of a burden than the pleasure you envisaged.  

      Perhaps your dog

  • barks and lunges at other dogs, people, or cars
  • wants to go home on walks
  • is overwhelmed and doesn’t appear to enjoy walks
  • refuses to walk in certain directions

I’ve been there

I remember clearly the first incident I had with my dog Matty. We had gone for a day out and it was very busy with lots of people and dogs. Out of nowhere, he lunged and barked at someone that was just walking by minding their own business.  

I was surprised,  I was shocked, and I was embarrassed. I thought ‘what the heck was that, where did that come from?’

But that was nothing. It got A LOT worse.  

He progressed to reacting to people, dogs, bicycles, motorcycles, livestock, horses…. Pretty much the only thing that he wasn't reactive to was passing cars. 

Nothing was working…..

I was doing loads of training, but nothing was working.

I honestly thought that I was the only person that had these problems. I felt like a terrible pet parent who had let my dog down.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve taken countless dog training courses, travelled miles to attend workshops, and am now studying for a degree in dog behaviour.

I’ve tried and tested various reactive dog training methods which have all been distilled into a comprehensive course for you.    

I share modern and fun training techniques, games and solutions that can help you overcome the struggles you’re facing.  
Right now, you may not be living the life you imagined with your dog. Let’s change that.  

Let’s unravel your dog’s reactivity together

Take my online reactivity course

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Get 1-2-1 reactive dog training support

  • Tailored support to guide you every step of the way

Conquer your troubles with reactive dog training

I’m here to help you overcome the stress and anxiety of sharing your life with a dog who struggles. When I finally understood that my dog’s out of control behaviour was a result of him having a hard time, everything changed.  

My reactive dog training programmes are designed to both help your dog overcome their struggles AND to support you with mindset shifts that will give you quick relief.  

You can take my standalone self-paced course or opt for the course plus 1-2-1 support to accelerate your training. 

The Unravelling Reactivity Course

Get lifetime access to this comprehensive reactive dog training course plus entry to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive further support. 

Over 100 Videos


Understanding Reactivity

Stress Reduction Techniques  

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Calming activities for your dog and you
Focus & Confidence Games  

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Management For Instant Relief

Lead Handling Techniques  

Self-Paced Learning


Changing  Associations
Brain Games & Enrichment Activities  

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Move from chaos to clarity with 1-2-1 support

Fancy more support? I offer 1-2-1 bespoke training that gives you the ultimate support as you unravel your dog’s reactivity and work towards the life you dream of with your dog.  

I’m by your side, supporting and guiding you every step of the way so you can achieve the life you crave with your dog.    

With 1-2-1 bespoke coaching sessions and direct access to me, you will literally have a professional dog trainer on call to support you!  


  • A bespoke training plan to follow
  • Easy to follow handouts to keep you on track
  • Midweek check ins
  • Q&As to troubleshoot problems
  • Access to a private community group so you never feel alone again
  • Free lifetime access to my Unravel Reactivity Course  

From overwhelmed to serene: Transform your dog (and your mindset) 

Areas Covered: Newmarket, Cheveley, Ashley, Wooditton, Dullingham, Kirtling, and surrounding areas. 

Or train with me online wherever you are in the world. 

Meet your dog trainer (and optimism provider!)

I started training because of my own experiences with my reactive dog Matty. I stumbled through and struggled with lots of conflicting and well-meaning advice that was unfortunately totally wrong for Matty.

I was devastated and that started me on my journey to not only help him but also help others finding themselves in the same situation.

The two things I love about being a dog trainer are seeing a dog who has been experiencing fear, anxiety or a lack of confidence, gain confidence in something and literally beam with pride.

The other is when a dog does something that totally amazes their owner in a good way, the look of total pride and love makes everything worthwhile.

I’m kind, force-free and compassionate with both dogs and humans. And I’d love to help you escape the strain and enjoy the life you deserve. 

Dog Training

Escape the chaos and find your calm