Trick Training

Dog Training Classes In Kirtling

Have you got a Puppy, Adolescent or Rescue dog?
Would you love to do a new fun activity with your dog?

Regular classes held in a quite, private and secure location just 5 miles from Newmarket.

As well as regular Puppy and life skills classes, we hold a variety of activity classes and clubs as well.

If you’re struggling with challenging behaviour, there is nothing better for the soul than spending some time doing something fun together. From trick training to scentwork, Hoopers to agility, these activities will deliver the joy back into your lives… whilst instilling cracking life skills without even trying!

All our classes are supported by FaceBook Communities and personal WhatsApp feedback after classes.

Puppy Classes

Puppy Essentials

A 6 week course covering socialisation, puppy biting, toilet training, settling at night as well as name recognisation, jumping up and much more.

Next course starts 6th May 2024

Puppy Progression

6 Week course which is a natural follow up to Puppy Socialisation and Foundations. Covering loose lead walking, recall, settling on a mat, sit, down and stays and much more.

Next course starts 6th May 2024

Sign up to both Puppy Classes and receive our online Puppy Game Plan Academy worth £65

Life Skills Classes

Taming Teens 

6 week course following on from the Puppy Progression but also suitable for dogs new to training. Covering loose lead walking and recalls with distractions, emergency stops, stays, leave it and much more

Canine Collage

6 week course following on from Taming Teens. Covering more advanced skills including distance work, send aways and much, much more.

Sign up to both Taming Teens and Canine Collage and receive our online Training Essentials course worth £65


Hoopers is a fun dog sport that's ideal for dogs and owners of all ages and fitness levels. Dogs navigate a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels. The courses are flowing and don't involve tight turns which makes it accessible to everyone!

Our 6 week Introduction to Hoopers course is suitable for everyone to join.

Next course starts April 2024


Smell is a dogs main sense, it is how they see the world! Scentwork is suitable for all dogs and people. It harnesses your dog's natural ability, boosts confidence and is fantastic for their mental stimulation.

Want to find out more? Our 6 week Introduction to Scentwork course is suitable for everyone to join.

Next course starts April 2024.

Trick Training

Trick Training is not only fun but it also improves focus, confidence and builds an amazing bond between you and your dog. It is also great mental and physical exercise.

Our 6 week Novice Trick Dog Class also includes your DMWYD Novice Trick Dog Title. During the six weeks we will teach you all the tricks needed, assess them, provide video evidence and present you with our title certificate and rosette!

Next course starts April 2024

Next classes start April 2024  with new classes and dates being added regularly.
Please register your interest below to be first to know when they are added!

Meet your dog trainer (and optimism provider!)

I started training because of my own experiences with my reactive dog Matty. I stumbled through and struggled with lots of conflicting and well-meaning advice that was unfortunately totally wrong for Matty.

I was devastated and that started me on my journey to not only help him but also help others finding themselves in the same situation.

The two things I love about being a dog trainer are seeing a dog who has been experiencing fear, anxiety or a lack of confidence, gain confidence in something and literally beam with pride.

The other is when a dog does something that totally amazes their owner in a good way, the look of total pride and love makes everything worthwhile.

I’m kind, force-free and compassionate with both dogs and humans. And I’d love to help you escape the strain and enjoy the life you deserve. 

Dog Training