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An affordable and convenient monthly online membership program designed to foster a supportive and inclusive community of dog lovers, centered around the shared joy of spending quality time with our beloved canine companions. Through a variety of engaging and educational activities, this membership aims to significantly improve the overall well-being and happiness of both our furry friends and ourselves. By providing a supportive and enriching environment, we hope to further deepen the bond between dogs and their humans, ultimately enhancing the lives of all involved

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Meet your dog trainer (and optimism provider!)

I started training because of my own experiences with my reactive dog Matty. I stumbled through and struggled with lots of conflicting and well-meaning advice that was unfortunately totally wrong for Matty.

I was devastated and that started me on my journey to not only help him but also help others finding themselves in the same situation.

The two things I love about being a dog trainer are seeing a dog who has been experiencing fear, anxiety or a lack of confidence, gain confidence in something and literally beam with pride.

The other is when a dog does something that totally amazes their owner in a good way, the look of total pride and love makes everything worthwhile.

I’m kind, force-free and compassionate with both dogs and humans. And I’d love to help you escape the strain and enjoy the life you deserve. 

Dog Training